Back in Time with Vinyl LPs

Thanks to cleaning out some of my mother’s house we now have a working turntable and a bunch of old vinyl.

Over the last few months the teenager of the house has stared to collect new vinyl. Mostly singles from current bands, plus some older stuff. Over the last few days we’ve been listening to almost nothing but vinyl. I am somewhat stumped as to the appeal. Most of what has been played we also have in digital format which is easier to use and doesn’t sound dusty and scratched.

Now, we do have some old albums, mostly folk and blues, that will never be re-issued. I will get around to digitizing soon I hope. Also it has been fun to nostalgically recall hunting for used LPs through the bins at the Incredible Record Store on Yonge St., or haunting the Vinyl Museum on Bloor. I can remember the exact feeling of finding some odd import or some unknown collaboration between favourite artists.

Maybe the best part of 12″ LPs was the album art.

Or text as the case may be.

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