One Year

I have spent the last few weeks thinking a lot about the upcoming anniversary. January 8th has loomed large in my mind for a while now. I have thought a lot about being sad and grieving and what life looks like without Laurie Kingston. I think I have come to some understanding of sadness and grief but I am still at a loss as to what life looks like without Laurie.

I do know that it ok to be sad. And I know that Laurie touched a lot of wonderful people who are also sad. I am thankful for everyone that reached out today, and especially over the last year. I feel cared for.

Dow’s Lake Causeway

As the water is drained out of the Rideau canal the remains of the Dow’s Lake Causeway becomes visible.

I’m not sure when the causeway was removed but the picture below is from the Report and Correspondence of the
Ottawa Improvement Commission (Ottawa, 1912).

A quick picture taken today.

Dow's Lake Causeway 3
Cropped Map of Dow's Lake

Cropped map of Ottawa from 2nd Edition, 1915, Atlas of Canada

Metro Music

My kids have been taking music lessons at Metro Music on Bank St. for a while so I have spent some time hanging out there while they learn. It is in a old commercial building that in the 1920s was a car repair and/or a tire dealership. It has been a music store for while.

Here is an ad from 1966:

Metro Music text ad

Much has changed on that stretch of Bank St., but not everything.