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THE LOST HERO by; Rick Riordan. Reviewed by Daniel

I loved Lost Hero These are the three main characters: Jason, Piper and Leo.

When Jason woke up on the school bus, he had amnesia.

Piper's dad has gone missing. She has a really big secret she doesn't want to share. It's about her dad.

Leo has a way with tools. Ever since he got to Camp Half Blood and he saw all the kids with all the machinery, he forgot about leaving.

There is a missing camper.

I recommend this book to people who like adventure stories.

I like this story because it's an adventure story with lots of Greek myths and monsters and it's part of the Percy Jackson series.


i forgot an important one!

I read it last January and it still haunts me. The characters. The prose. The story. City Of Thieves by David Benioff manages to be devastatingly tragic, powerfully hopeful and sharply funny. It's on the list of my life-time favourites.

Please forgive the hyperbole.

I just can't believe I forgot this book when I wrote up yesterday's list. Set during the first world war and the siege of Leningrad, City of Thieves tells the story of a young Jewish man who, in order to save himself, must find eggs - to be used to make a wedding cake for an officer's daughter - during a time of famine. His companion on this quest is a worldly Russian soldier and aspiring writer. The two men encounter the best and worst of human character and become the most unlikely of friends.

This one is beautiful.

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