Frankly, I’d Miss The Little Guy

April 1st, 2009

I was surfing Soul-Pancake (  and found a blog post asking people to make lists of things they would actually cut off their pinky toe for. Here goes:

1. Rid the world of violence.

2. Pure, serene happiness.

3. The world’s greatest omelette.

4. An end to the economic crisis.

5. Two more toes.


The Next Generation Of Laugh Track

January 20th, 2009

Everyone has seen a television show with a laugh track, right? The laugh track is a brilliant invention. It helps tell you if something is funny or not. It can be really awkward if you’re watching something with friends and you laugh at something that isn’t very funny. They will most likely give you an unimpressed glare. Of course, even a brilliant idea like the laugh track can have its faults. We need something that will not only tell you WHEN to laugh, but also WHY. So here’s my idea: every time there’s a joke, a narrator will explain the joke to you in great depth. It will revolutionise the way we find things funny! I’m surprised a show hasn’t used this tactic before.


It came out of nowhere…

December 26th, 2008

We have recently started using a squirt bottle to use on the puppy when she is misbehaving. It works like a charm. She has quit jumping on the table. Unfortunately,  it is dangerously tempting to shoot the puppy. It looks so funny! She runs around in circles, wondering what just came right out of nowhere. Often, during dinner time, I will find myself sitting with the squirt bottle next to me, and Lucy sleeping peacefully on the carpet. This is most certainly the definition of a guilty pleasure. Poor lucy.