Ottawa Public Library Strikes Again

The Ottawa Public Library is a great service with some great resources. As I have noted before, it has recently updated its website and catalogue systems. The roll-out has not gone particularly smoothly. Instead of being off-line for two days the system was out of order for four. There are still issues with tracking holds and there remain other 'post-migration issues'.

I think that if any other organization was having this level of trouble I would be beyond frustrated. And yet I am not. I am predisposed to give the Library the benefit of the doubt. In fact, in my experience Library employees are more frustrated with the situation than I am.

It is pretty clear to me why this is. Everytime (every time) I have communicated with the library about their systems I have gotten a response. On Monday, I used the website form to complain about an odd error message I was getting. When I tried to renew a book I got a message that read "Privilege has expired". Today I got a reply that they had fixed the problem. The message has been changed to “Your card has expired, please renew it at your branch”.

By being such good communicators, the library has created a high-level of goodwill. It helps that the library starts with a mandate to help people and that they seem to take their mandate seriously. I hope for the library staff's sake that the system migration gets finished soon, but by communicating so well they have ensured that I will remain patient.