Green Bin Charges?

City Council does it again. In a move that appears to defy all logic the Planning and Environment Committee approved an extra $68 fee for the new green bin program.

Although the program benefits the entire city the cost will be paid by green bin users. So I get to spend more time sorting garbage AND I get to pay for this priviledge. Peter Hume (chair of the committee) says

"We have the second lowest diversion rate in the province of Ontario, and for a city like Ottawa, leading from the back of the pack is not where we should be." (from

I have a feeling that making it more onerous to divert waste from land-fill is not going to help matters. The committee also approved a $41 recycling fee. How the city can launch a program without a plan to pay for it is mind boggling. I am happy to pay the costs associated with being a more environmentally friendly city, but that is why we pay taxes. A rational person might think that there will be a corresponding decrease in garbage collection charges since there will be much less garbage to collect and process.

There are lots of city services I don't use that I pay for. If recycling and composting are a collective good, it should be paid by the city as a whole.