Bad Process Bad Design

To continue with the 'I only write on one topic theme', some additional thoughts on the Lansdowne Park process.

I have heard many different visions of what Lansdowne Park could be. Some reasonable and some pretty far fetched. In 2007, before the OSEG group put forward their proposal I participated in a evening of Lansdowne Park planning at the Glebe Community Centre. There was real enthusiasm for many of the site's potential uses. There was an acknowledgment of the historic uses of the site and of the heritage nature of some of the buildings. There was a discussion of what other cities had done, both good and bad, with this kind of space.

Almost anyone I talk to about Lansdowne Park has an idea of what it should be or at least what it could be. So why are we in the current situation where one vision and one vision only is being talked about? Defenders of the Lansdowne Live plan generally say:

  1. Its better than whats is there now
  2. No one else has come forward with a plan
  3. The developers are local civic minded guys that we can trust. Look at what they have done for the community.

These are all true but are clearly irrelevent. The only differences between the OSEG developers and anyone else with good ideas for the site are money and connections. These people know people. I would prefer to live in a city where ideas are evaluated on their merit, not by connections or money.