More Lansdowne Park

The Lansdowne Park ever changing approach to consultations with open houses / town hall meetings / information sessions are now over. Currently easiest way to contribute to the conversation about this development is to use the online consultation tool. This is a flawed tool that is somewhat difficult to use. The site is organized into topics. It is possible to comment on each topic and to reply to existing comments.

It is unclear from the site how the comments and replies will be compiled into a report. I could not find the methodology for evaluating the comments or for summarizing free flowing comment threads. The conversation found at is a good example. This is an interesting back and forth about a fundamental aspect of the City's plan. How will this be evaluated.

Some commenters have added many comments, some just one. Will all comments be counted equally?

It is possible to rate each comment anonymously. Will higher ranked comments count for more?

I have posed these questions by e-mail to Nik Nanos the moderator. If I hear anything substantive back I will post it here.

Using this terrible process we have been given should not be read as an endorsement. Seeing as how a better evaluation process does not exist we should use this one to the best of our abilities. If you haven't made you opinions known do so. Add your comments. Rate other people's comments. Comment on comments.

We don't know how the online comments, the written comments and the feedback from the question and answer sessions will be integrated. We don't know if the raw data from each of these sources will be made available for independent assessment.