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I was once an early adopter. Sort of. I used to know when new books or movies or music was released. I would generally buy a new Dylan album or a new Tony Hillerman novel when it was released. Sometimes I would wait for the paperback, but often I couldn't wait. Lining up for movies the day or weekend they were released was a regular thing.

When I saw the new Margaret Atwood on the Coming Soon rss feed of the Ottawa library I immediately placed a request. It came in and is now sitting on my to read pile. I am so far behind on reading / listening / watching that it really doesn't matter when something is released, I'm not going to get to it anytime soon.

I took a similar approach to updating my technology. When I could afford to I upgraded my operating system, software versions, etc... Even if I couldn't get the latest technology I surely coveted it. Lately I've realized the advantage of waiting to adopt new technology. Sometimes I even let software versions pass me by. Let other people debug. That being so, it is inevitable that as soon as I get around to updating my Drupal installation a new version will be released.

I'm trying to think of an artist or author or movie that I would need to get right away and I can't think of anything. I'm more likely to go along with one of the kid's enthusiasms (Star Trek on opening weekend) then my own.

All this being said, I now have an iPhone.


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