Drupal + Twitter

I have added my Twitter feed to this site's homepage. Doing so was not without some challenges. All became clearer afer relearning a little about Drupal views. It turns out that using a tool once every few months is not often enough to remember important details. This little project also gave me a good reminder to find AND read as much documentation as you can.

I can also send notification of updates to this site to my Twitter feed. In theory these updates will then show up on the site. Alas, the temporal relationship between updating Twitter and the sidebar being updated is unknown and maybe unknowable.

The whole thing would have taken me 2 minutes on Facebook and perhaps a minute more on Blogger. In Wordpress I could have downloaded and installed the plugin and probably configured it in the time it took me to create the proper Drupal view. And yet Drupal offers a level of self satisfaction missing elsewhere. Like starting a fire without matches. Sure you could use a lighter, but what would be the fun in that.

I will announce the creation of this post on Twitter, I'll see if the sidebar gets updated.