Hewlett-Packard Laptop goes poof

About 11 months ago, I bought an HP laptop at Best Buy. I had previously had a Sony VIAO which was an excellent family computer. Laurie uses a Sony as well that other than being dropped too often has held up quite well. I started my laptop shopping sure I would end up with another Sony or Toshiba (which tend to be well rated). Once in the store looking at all the options the HP with the larger screen and lower price was irrestible. As well, Best Buy has its own repair staff (Geek Squad) that would fix it themselves if something went wrong. Staples send everything out for repair.

Last weekend the screen on the HP laptop stopped working.

Other then the screen not working the computer is working fine. I plugged in an external monitor. when I put it in dual screen mode I could get a flicker on the laptop screen but nothing else. So, off to Best Buy to get it fixed.

When I bought the laptop I declined to buy the extended warranty (as it no longer covers batteries). I figured that 12 months of manufacture's warranty would cover anything major. Right again! I bought the HP at the Merivale Rd. store, so at 8:30 last night back I went. The Geek Squad at Merivale said that they were so busy it would be at least a month before they could get to it. Their advice- go to the Vanier store. Off I go. The Vanier store was able to spend enough time looking at it to decide to send it back to HP. The Merivale store could have done the same of course.

So now the laptop is off the HP land. Nobody knows for how long or if there is anyway to find out.

Lessons learned. The Best Buy Geek Squad at the Vanier location means well and were likely as helpful as they could be. The Geek Squad at the Merivale location send me across town needlessly. Neither Geek Squad could actually fix my laptop or even diagnose it in house. Hewlett-Packard laptops, or this specific Hewlett Packard laptop, will not last 11 months of regular use (limited travel, no physical abuse) without breaking.