Ottawa International Animation Festival

Sacha and I attended the Ottawa International Animation Festival last weekend. We saw one of the reels in the shorts competition. The collection of shorts was really interesting, if quite dark. We saw a variety of animation techniques from stop motion to hand drawn with markers to a real variety of computer animation. I assume that the shorts were not chosen by theme, but there were a number of shorts that dealt with murder/suicide/death/ and other pretty dark subjects.

Some of the highlights.

Muybridge's Strings, was excellent. An interesting use of different animation styles and a creative approah to the narrative.

Bout, which has a much simpler story was also really well done. The images and sounds from this short stayed with me.

Although the the dark subject matter was alomost relentless, the video for the Hard On's song Everyone Seems to be Out to Get You was one of the few shorts that was also funny.
As well we saw some of the winners!
From the festival website:
The 2011 Nelvana GRAND PRIZE for Best Independent Short Animation ($3,000 CDN) is:
Moxie by Stephen Irwin (UK)
“For its powerful combination of style and narrative, leaving a memorable impression.”
The 2011 Best Graduation Animation is:
I’m Fine Thanks by Eamonn O'Neill (UK & Ireland)
“Strong visuals, brutal honesty and unique voice.”
Honourable Mention:
Birds Walking by Stephanie Delazeri (USA)
“For its refreshing sense of humour.”

All three were good. Both Moxie and I'm Fine Thanks  were visually really interesting as well as being pretty bleak in there own ways.