Shocking Voltmeter News!

Well, I was a little shocked.


I have been having a running discussion on monitor power usage. When flat screen monitors first came out I was told that they used less power than the old CRT monitors. Lately I've been told that large flat screen monitors actually use more power than large CRT monitors. So, having the means to test this, I did!

I currently use two Dell 19" flat screen monitors. To make the test fair I unplugged one flat screen and connected a Sony Trinitron 17" CRT monitor. I have also heard that a white screen uses more power than a black screen, so I tested that as well. 

  White Screen Black Screen
Flat Screen

28 watts

.37 amps

29 watts

.39 amps


86 watts

1.03 amps

63 watts

.78 amps


The results were clear. Flat screen monitors at this size use less power than CRT monitors. The shocking results?  While black screens may use less power than white in the old CRT world, the opposite is true with flat screens.