Omeka Content Management System

I have recently installed the Omeka content management system version 1.2.1. It is an open source CMS developed by the Center for History and New Media to serve the museums/archives community. It comes with support for Dublin Core metadata and is clearly designed with the item/exhibit model in mind.
It installed fairly easily and was very easy to set-up once installed. In terms of total ease of use it falls into the (largish) gap between Drupal and Wordpress.
There are a number of plugins available. Most of them focused on extending Omeka's metadata functionality (adding geocodes, annotating images) or on making it easier to get data in and out of the system. I do not know how large the Omeka community is, but the support forums are small relative to any of the more established content management systems.
I was able to create an exhibit with items in just a few minutes. As always, the time consuming part of the project will be adding content and metadata. Omeka lacks the flexibility and depth of functionality of Drupal and Drupal can be made to do everything that Omeka does. On the other hand what would have taken me a few hours in Drupal (install and configure specific modules) took me a few minutes with Omeka. I may change my mind after using Omeka for a real life  project, I would seriously consider using this CMS if I were creating an online exhibit or scholarly collection.
I'll link to my installation once I get enough content up there to be able to demonstrate Omeka's functionality.