Jan 30

Ready Player One

Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline is an entertaining fast paced sci-fi novel.

Conceptually the book is not original.

Set in a near future of energy crisis, climate change, etc…

Immersive online internet like technology.

Orphaned teenager hero with exceptional skills.

 The book makes up for it with good writing and an original twist. The book’s plot focuses on eighties culture and nostalgia. Knowledge of eighties music, movies, video games and books is the key to success in the online game.  While it may help to be the right demographic I think that the book is fun enough to entertain pretty well everyone with even a little knowledge of eighties pop culture.

Guess it goes to show that plot isn’t everything. It is possible to create a really entertaining story around a pretty generic plot. Highly recommended, especially for those of us who absorbed a lot of eighties pop culture.


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