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Not Done Yet Toronto Launch Announced

"Not Done Yet" Toronto Launch

June 11, 7-9pm

Toronto Women's Bookstore, 73 Harbord (at Spadina).


Hockey Pool Update

Sacha is still in first. I am no longer in last. For some reason Sacha is disappointed. 

Drupal update

The fact that I can write this, and that it can perhaps be read, leads me to believe I have successfully updated the Drupal installation on this site. A couple of scary moments but a painless process overall.

Hockey Pool Picks

Picks for 2009 non draft pool.

  1. Joe Thornton    SJ
  2. Pavel Datsyuk   DET
  3. Patrick Marleau SJ
  4. Marc Savard     BOS
  5. Alexander Ovechkin      WSH
  6. Marian Hossa    DET
  7. Alexander Semin WSH
  8. Devin Setoguchi SJ
  9. Martin Havlat   CHI
  10. Henrik Zetterberg       DET

Technology and Communications Update

After pulling our hair out over our Primus internet connection (DSL) we have decided to drop Primus and their technology in favour of Rogers and its technology. Except that Rogers does not want to install cable here. Bell has said it is not their problem either. I'm looking for a way to get Shaw and Telus involved so that we can be dissappointed by all the major communications companies.

html coding in action

HTML Editing test

This is what I can do with very easy HTML markup.

I think I can even link to other sites. this may work as well.


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