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How does this happen?

I thought my computer was running a little slow.My IE process doesn't even show up in the top ten! [flickr-photo:id=3746572015,size=o] 


Another wonderful cottage visit, although colder and damper than I prefer.

We found another two geocaches near the cottage, but didn't even attempt to find Going UP! - Heading for the Back Country   GC128FP. I will find it one of these days.


geocache map

Recent Live Music- Reviewed

Over the last week or two I have seen jazz at the Ottawa International Jazz Festival and at the Montreal Jazz festival. All the music I heard was fantastic.

First, I saw CMV (Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller and Victor Wooten). Three bass players with drums and keyboard/synth. The concert was fun, with each of the players playing extended solos. The showcase songs were great, but the real strength of the group was playing together. This 'Supergroup' actually played as a group.

See them if you get a chance.


Second, I saw Brian Blade in Montreal. Brian Blade is a drummer who has played with a variety of performers, both popular and jazz. We saw him with his own quintet (drums, sax, bass, keyboards, and sax) playing mostly his own material. This was an excellent show. Blade has a unique drumming style and all the players really played well together.  Accessible and challenging at the same time. among the best jazz drumming I've seen.


Third, the morning (early afternoon perhaps) after seeing Brian Blade, we caught some free jazz. Belgistan are a band from Belgium (three saxaphones, trumpet, tuba type instrument, drum and percussion) that were right at home playing in front of (not on) a stage. They had the crowd bopping away. - a close approximation of the show we saw.


No Canada Day for Microsoft Canada?

While over at a friend's place yesterday (July 1) I received a call from Microsoft Canada. (I have my work number forwarded to my cell phone). The caller wanted me to check on our software subscription, nothing very important really. Now, I assume that these kind of calls are outsourced, and I assume they are outsourced to somewhere overseas. But perhaps Microsoft Canada should make a Canadian calendar available to the call centre.You know, the better to track statutory holidays and such.


I wasn't even wished "Happy Canada Day"!

Yay Paul Dewar!

From Glen Pearson's blog:

A very able parliamentarian who had been plagued by rancor and repeated defeats proved to all of us, and himself, that a public servant dedicated to our freedoms can be shining light that leads us into a better future. Well done Paul.

Friends of Lansdowne Park

More information about Landsdowne Park at


I have set-up a flickr group to collect images of Landsdowne Park. Please join and add images.



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