Wordpress vs. Drupal

Thinking about switching this rarely updated from Drupal to Wordpress. Or maybe Drupal 8 to see how it works.


Here is a picture of some of the great live music I've seen recently. Daniel in from of Mounties at Dragon Boat Festival.


Ubuntu Help

I have recently installed Ubuntu 12.04 on two Dell Vostro desktops. The first intallation is on the computer we've been using as a media server/browsing computer. The installation went great. The default applications mostly met our needs and I was able to easily download applications to plug any holes. The only remotely tricky part was getting Minecraft and Netflix working, but even that was pretty easy after reading through the documentation.

My main work computer was another story. I use two monitors and getting the Ubuntu GUI to work on both has been impossible to this point. The odd thing is that I can run Ubuntu 12.04 on both monitors, but one has the graphical interface and one is text only. I can toggle between them using CTRL-ALT-F1 and CTRL-ALT-F7. I can't have both the tty and the GUI open at the same time.

There are two display adapters.

1) VGA compatible controller: Matrox Graphics, Inc. MGA 2064W [Millennium] (rev 01) Works fine

2) Display controller: Intel Corporation 82G33/G31 Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)

The only thing I can think of is that the 2nd onboard graphics controller does not support the Ubuntu GUI which I find odd. As far as I can tell, and I am new to the whole world of figuring out drivers, the drivers are up to date and correct. I could certainly be wrong about it.

Stanley Cup

From "The hub and the spokes ; or, The Capital and its environs" (1904)

Author: Gard, Anson A. (Anson Albert), 1849-ca. 1915

Page 113


text from Hub and Spokes pg. 113



Tough Love by Joel Plaskett

Sacha and some very talented friends made a video for Joel Plaskett's Tough Love from "Scrappy Happiness". This is for a contest. Please 'like' it on YouTube! It's great!


Back in Time with Vinyl LPs

Thanks to cleaning out some of my mother's house we now have a working turntable and a bunch of old vinyl.

Over the last few months the teenager of the house has stared to collect new vinyl. Mostly singles from current bands, plus some older stuff. Over the last few days we've been listening to almost nothing but vinyl. I am somewhat stumped as to the appeal. Most of what has been played we also have in digital format which is easier to use and doesn't sound dusty and scratched.

Now, we do have some old albums, mostly folk and blues, that will never be re-issued. I will get around to digitizing soon I hope. Also it has been fun to nostalgically recall hunting for used LPs through the bins at the Incredible Record Store on Yonge St., or haunting the Vinyl Museum on Bloor. I can remember the exact feeling of finding some odd import or some unknown collaboration between favourite artists.

Maybe the best part of 12" LPs was the album art.






Or text as the case may be.




Glebe Report Archives

I've shared items from Library and Archives Canada and many from the City of Ottawa Archives. I've recently discovered that the Glebe Report, the community newspaper, has put their archives online at http://www.glebereport.ca/Newspaper/Archives.php.

The archive is not searchable or indexed, but the PDF files high-quality and  are easily browsable. Every issue I looked at has something of interest from the ongoing debate over Lansdowne Park to the controversy over enclosing the Fifth Ave. Court. It turns out that renovating/closing/reviewing Glebe area schools has been going on a long time.

This is a fanstastic resource for local history and heritage.

The school news sections are great, trying to imagine what the grade six students with their science projects are up to 30+ years later. I have copied some examples below.

First Ave. School- Demolish or Restore

Glebe Report Feb 1980 http://www.glebereport.ca/Archives/Glebe_Report_1980_02_15_v08_n02.pdf



Fifth Ave. Court under construction

Glebe Report, January 1980 http://www.glebereport.ca/Archives/Glebe_Report_1980_01_19_v08_n01.pdf



Drupal 7 Here I come

So after a couple of false starts I have converted this site over to Drupal 7. Upgrading from 6 to 7 was fairly uneventful and I am impressed with how many of my installed modules are no longer necessary.

Moving to 7 has also given me the opportunity to learn about theming and some custom design issues. Of course I am way too busy to do any of this for some time. So... what theme should I install in the meantime? What looks good, has some basic configuration options and at least leans towards accessible design. If I could find a theme that had a easy to configure mobile version I would be thrilled.




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